St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Just an informational note- you incorrectly stated that St. Brendan Parish has a 9 am Mass Wednesday the 17th-your info is wrong!!

I’m Irish

“I’m Irish
And I’m proud if it
You hear so many say
And if they’re not
They wish they were
On each St. Patrick’s Day.”
“St. Patrick’s Day”
by Josephine Wayland

I send thanks to my Florida friend Anne Wayland O’Hara for allowing me to use part of this poem about St. Patrick’s Day in today’s column. The poem was written by her mother, Josephine Wayland. I would love to have known Josephine. She was a very gifted woman who lived right in my neighborhood, on Neponset Ave.  Read more

Hart anticipates 'great material' for breakfast

A burgeoning mayoral race. A governor who has just returned from Jamaica with his taxpayer-paid troopers in tow. And an ex-governor from several states away who is prone to swearing and allegedly calling a U.S. Senate seat a "[expletive] valuable thing."

Those are just some of the topics expected to come up with a side of corned beef during the St. Patrick's Day breakfast this Sunday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The event is an annual political tradition held every year since about the 1940s in the city, still a stronghold for Irish-American elected officials.  Read more