State budget

‘Painful’ is word for state budget

Funding for Dorchester youth programs was halved in the $27.4 billion budget that hit Gov. Deval Patrick’s desk this week. Five youth programs were funded at $16.5 million for the fiscal year starting on July, down from the $34 million they received last year.

The programs include youth programs run by the Dorchester Youth Collaborative, Louis D. Brown Institute, Dorchester House, Codman Square Health Center, Catholic Charities Teen Center at St. Peter’s, Project RIGHT, and the Black Ministerial Alliance.  Read more

Budget woes spare few as state revenues free-fall

And you thought the House’s version of the fiscal 2010 budget was bad. House lawmakers signed off on their $28 billion budget on Friday and economic forecasters are already saying it could be a billion dollars out of balance, even after a vote to hike the sales tax to 6.25 percent from 5 percent. Left on the table were youth anti-violence programs from the state Department of Public Health, among others.

“The Senate budget will be significantly worse than the bare bones budget of the House,” said state Sen. Jack Hart, a Dorchester Democrat.  Read more