Steve Lynch

Toughest foe yet for US Rep. Lynch

Mac D’Alessandro on the stump in Franklin ParkMac D’Alessandro on the stump in Franklin ParkStanding the doorway of her Romsey St. home, Mariama White-Hammond concedes she’s had some “ups and downs” with her U.S. Congressman, Stephen Lynch.

He voted against the original health care reform bill earlier this year and for the war in Iraq, departing from the state’s Democratic delegation, she’s reminded.

“And he’s been like that from the beginning,” she says.

She then takes another look at the campaign literature Lynch’s Democratic primary opponent, Mac D’Alessandro, has handed her.  Read more

Lynch tours Iraqi cities

Congressman Steve Lynch returned to Iraq for the tenth time last week as part of a Congressional delegation visit. Lynch and two other House colleagues travelled to Samarra and Sadr City, a Shiite stronghold within Baghdad which has been a base of support for the radical cleric, Moqtadar al-Sadr. He also visited an Air Force hospital and dined with soliders from Massachuetts.

The Lynch tour was the first Congressional delegation to participate in a so-called "battlefield circulation" in Samarra, which was the site of the 2006 Golden Mosque bombing.  Read more