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Menino says 28X bus needed to get people to jobs

Mayor Thomas Menino on Thursday said he supports the controversial "Route 28X" bus line proposed by state transportation officials, saying bus service is needed to get people to their jobs.

"I think we have to have better transportation," he said in a half-hour appearance on TOUCH 106.1 FM this morning.  Read more

If you saw Mayor Thomas Menino on Quincy St. this morning

…You can thank one local homeowner who called into TOUCH 106.1 FM to complain about the unkemptness of the Quincy Street area in Dorchester, close to the proposed Columbia Road commuter rail station.

Describing herself as a “big fan” of the mayor and a new homeowner, the woman said she had complained about the trash to City Hall officials but nobody would get back to her.  Read more

UPDATED: Flaherty charges Menino with forcing meal and hotel tax-funded "bailout" on city

The Michael Flaherty campaign took a swing at Mayor Thomas Menino this morning, issuing a statement declaring Flaherty’s opposition to Menino’s plan for a meal and hotel tax increase. Flaherty said that Menino “has failed to effectively manage the city’s revenue and spending.”  Read more

Adrian Walker asks the question

In his Globe column today:

When I talked with Miller a couple of weeks ago, as he was shutting the paper down, he declared that either of the mayor’s primary challengers would be preferable to Menino.

Will the Menino-financed Banner say that in its pages? Will it endorse Sam Yoon or Michael Flaherty for mayor on the city’s dime?

Yoon says if elected, no ‘Mayor Yoon’ signs all over the place

Taking a shot at Mayor Thomas Menino, mayoral candidate Sam Yoon said Monday night that he would keep his name off city signs that denote projects and neighborhoods.  Read more

The irony of the proposed $200,000 loan to the Banner

An irony within the already apparent irony, even.

The Globe reports that Mayor Thomas Menino is willing to offer a $200,000 loan to the financially-troubled Bay State Banner, a weekly that focuses on the African American community and has displayed a hostility towards the mayor in recent months.  Read more

The Economist weighs in on Menino, charter schools

As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan drops by Boston to bolster Gov. Deval Patrick's proposal to lift the charter school cap in underperforming school districts, The Economist -- the news magazine that people on the train like to use to cover their copy of the latest Us Weekly -- looks at the charter school situation in Massachusetts, and weighs in on Mayor Thomas Menino's plan:  Read more

Do we have a debate?

Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea posts an apparent invitation from WBZ's Jon Keller for an hour-long Aug. 26 debate.  Read more

Yoon campaign shake-up

City Councillor Sam Yoon’s top aide in City Hall is moving over to the campaign. Mary Grissom, Yoon’s chief of staff, will be taking over as campaign manager, a campaign spokesman confirmed to the Reporter.  Read more

Typo a Go Go

Shame on the Lit Drop for missing this on the first go-around!

UPDATE: Flaherty camp says the typo was not included in the flyers that volunteers handed out over the weekend.