Boston tree party Planting program expands scope

Grow Boston Greener, a collaborative effort between the City of Boston and Boston's Urban Forest Coalition (BUFC), is continuing its quest to expand the city's tree canopy by planting 100,000 new trees by the year 2020. A special focus is being placed on parts of Dorchester and other neighborhoods where trees are sparse and the canopy is unevenly spread.  Read more

New trees adding to Dot canopy

It will take a some work to approach Mayor Thomas Menino's goal of 100,000 new trees in Boston by 2020, announced in April, but a few gaps in Dorchester's tree canopy are starting to look leafy.

"I love it," said Gloria Vieira of the Annapolis Neighborhood Association. "Not only does it make the neighborhood look better, but I think it brings the community together. Now, when people walk the neighborhood, they feel comfortable saying hello. They take pride in it."  Read more