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Police probe death of baby found in distress at Franklin Field apartment

A four-month old baby who was found in distress inside an apartment at the Franklin Field housing development this week has died. Boston Police say they are probing the death of Allejah Jarrett, but have not yet determined the cause and manner of her death. Police found her early Tuesday morning after someone called police to report an infant "in distress and not breathing" at 70 Ames St. There were no visible signs of trauma, according to the BPD.

Draft map revamps City Council districts, leaves Jackson in District 7

District 7 City Councillor Tito Jackson would not have to move or give up his seat on the City Council, according to a draft map featuring redrawn political boundaries for the city's 9 district council seats. Jackson's colleague, Michael Ross, isn't as lucky. Ross, who lives in Mission Hill, would no longer live in District 8, under the draft map circulated to reporters and staff inside City Hall on Wednesday.

A City Council committee, headed by District 2 City Councillor Bill Linehan, was tasked with redrawing the political boundaries of the districts, following U.S. Census counts that showed shifts in population requiring some districts to shed residents and other districts to gain residents.

Linehan's district was one of those that needed to lose population, so District 2 was redrawn without some parts of Chinatown and the South End – two areas where Linehan's recent opponent, Suzanne Lee, did well in the November election.  Read more

Voters head to polls to pick District 3 councillor and City Council At-Large

Reporter Staff
Nov. 8, 2011

Polls opened at 7 a.m. across the city, with two races on the ballot in Dorchester's District 3: Two men are vying to succeed retiring City Councillor Maureen Feeney and seven-person field is fighting for the four City Council At-Large slots.

The two top finishers in the Sept. preliminary, Frank Baker of Savin Hill and John O’Toole of Cedar Grove, are facing off over the first open City Council seat in Dorchester in nearly 18 years.

The polls close at 8 p.m.  Read more

Redistricting could affect sitting city councillors in Districts 7 and 8

Two sitting Boston city councillors may be forced to move from their current homes or give up their seats due to Boston population shifts that could transform the boundaries of their current districts. That's one possibility that was raised at a redistricting hearing held Thursday in downtown Boston.

While the city gained residents overall, rising by five percent to 617,594 residents, some parts of the city lost population by official counts, including parts of Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park and Roslindale, and West Roxbury.  Read more

Boston Neighborhood Network Open House

Boston Neighborhood Network Open House, first and third Thursday of every month. Come and learn: Boston Neighborhood Network has provided professional training and services to cablecast a variety of relevant information, increase access to city services, offer a valuable medium to share local resources and give a direct voice to the community to promote unique opportunities for advancement.

Alycia Goodwin - Membership Coordinator

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: A legal affairs check on District 3 Council race

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Aug. 25, 2011

John O’Toole, a local realtor and a top candidate in the District 3 City Council race, is enmeshed in a civil lawsuit with a former partner of his, according to court records. But he isn’t the only candidate who has been involved in legal actions in recent months and years: Two other top contenders, fellow realtor Craig Galvin and former city employee Frank Baker, have had a suit and an injunction, respectively, filed against them, according to a Reporter review of court records available to the public at Suffolk Superior Court.  Read more

BPD's Davis: Four year-old victim's family "could do more" to help cops

"A.J.": Shot in the back at Harambee Park on June 28.A.J.: Shot in the back at Harambee Park on June 28.Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says that some family members of the 4 year-old boy "A.J." who was shot at Harambee Park last week "have not been cooperative" with police as they search for the shooters responsible for the little boy's injury. The tot was wounded when gunfire broke out at the Franklin Field playground after 9 p.m. on June 28, as hundreds of people were still gathered at the park.

There have been no arrests in the case. The little boy's mother made a dramatic appeal for the community to come forward with information in the case during a press conference with Commissioner Davis last week.

Davis made his remarks at the end of a public address that was streamed live on the Internet this afternoon. When specifically asked about the BPD's investigation into the Harambee Park shooting, Davis said, "We need more information. People have come forward."

But, Davis added, "Some people close to the child injured have not been cooperative. There are members of the family who are in a position to help us and could do a lot more."  Read more

Voices of outrage

Voices of outrage

Editorial: Crackdown on motorbikes must extend to all the rules at city parks

Harambee Park rally: About 50 people turned out for a Tuesday evening rally near the scene of Monday night's shooting of a 4 year-old boy. Photo by Pat TarantinoHarambee Park rally: About 50 people turned out for a Tuesday evening rally near the scene of Monday night's shooting of a 4 year-old boy. Photo by Pat Tarantino

Monday’s shooting of a four-year-old boy at Franklin Field’s Harambee Park was an assault on all of our children, no matter where we live or what park we frequent with our families. If this sort of atrocity can take place anywhere in our city, we are all — everyone— diminished by it.

We do not yet know the identity of the little boy or his family, but our first reaction as a community must be to comfort them. We are grateful to the clergy members and others who have stepped up to be at their side and aid them in their time of need.  Read more

Davis: 'Beyond outraged' by brazen shooting of tot

Reporter Staff
Jun. 28, 2011

Police Commissioner Edward Davis issued the following letter to "the residents of Mattapan and Dorchester" today regarding last night's shooting of a four year-old boy at Harambee Park.

Dear community members,

Last night on June 27, 2011 at approximately 9:20pm, officers responded to a radio call for a person shot at Harambee Park ( Talbot Ave and Wales St .). Upon arrival, officers learned that a shooting incident had resulted in the injury of a 4 year old boy and a 24 year old male. The child was rushed to Boston Medical Center and he is currently listed in stable condition. The 24 year old male received a graze wound and was treated at Carney hospital.  Read more