Columbia Point

Charter school proponents look to expand in Dorchester, Mattapan

Mike Deehan, Special to the Reporter
Dec. 8, 2010

Fourteen would-be charter schools have applied to the State Department of Education to be granted charters to start up new schools in Boston out of 23 across the state. Representatives from several of the applicant schools appeared before a panel of state education officials in Boston City Hall on Tuesday to press their case.

Though plans for the schools are still in the preliminary stages and locations for school facilities are not definite, some of the proponents for the proposals heard Tuesday vowed to serve underprivileged students from Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan.  Read more

Vote on closing schools delayed; parents still on high alert

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Nov. 4, 2010

Superintendent Carol Johnson is delaying a vote on plans to close schools, giving parents opposed to the closures a month to regroup. Dorchester schools on the chopping block include Roger Clap Elementary and the East Zone Early Learning Center. School officials had also been pushing to merge the Lee Academy Pilot School and the Lee Elementary School.

“Overall, I’m optimistic that we have the extra month or so to get them to change their minds, and hopefully this opens up more of a debate,” said Kenny Jervis, one of the parents leading the charge to keep Clap Elementary open. “We’re happy we got the extra time but it’s nowhere near a victory yet.”  Read more

Conference to help city churches make sorely needed renovations

Alex Owens Special to the Reporter
Nov. 4, 2010

Dorchester’s spiritual community has borne firsthand witness to the community’s history, which stretches back nearly four centuries. It was members of a church community, the First Parish Church, that founded this city within a city. After decades of service to their neighborhoods, many of Dorchester’s church buildings are daue for a much needed facelift, and their congregations are turning to the city’s historical organizations for aid.  Read more

(UPDATED) Watchdog group: Boston ended FY 2010 with $9.1m surplus, but...

Boston's coffers ended fiscal year 2010 with a $9.1 million surplus, a fiscal watchdog group reports.

The Boston Municipal Research Bureau said Monday that the $9.1 million represents represents 0.4 percent of that fiscal year's $2.3 billion in spending.

But let's not start jumping around and compiling a list of programs to restore to full funding just yet.

Sam Tyler, head of the BMRB, notes, "This is money that has to be reserved for fiscal 2012."  Read more

Man beaten and robbed at gunpoint in Columbia Point parking lot

The Boston Police Department reports a man getting out of his car in the fenced-in Sovereign Bank parking lot at 2 Morrissey Blvd. Monday night was robbed by two men, one of whom was armed with a Glock handgun.  Read more

Dorchester YMCA Fall Programs

It's time to get healthy. Visit the Dorchester YMCA for special membership offers as well as programs for families and youth. Visit us on the web at Call 617.436.7750, or just come visit the branch at 776 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124. Free parking, directly on bus Rt #26 and a short walk from the Ashmont T.

Dorchester YMCA

BC High Solar Panels

BC High Solar Panels

Solar array adds green power to BC High campus

Jonathan Rodriguez, Special to the Reporter
Aug. 12, 2010

BC High Solar Panels: BC High's Brian Maher with the school's new solar panels.BC High Solar Panels: BC High's Brian Maher with the school's new solar panels.Boston College High School is taking a giant step in the green direction this summer with the installation of nearly 870 solar panels on the roofs of its buildings. The project, set to be completed in early September, will make BC High home to the largest single-building solar array in Boston.

The expansive array covering 25,629 square feet of rooftop on the campus will produce up to 40 percent of the school’s daily electric power with the panels generating almost 200 kilowatts at a given moment. The environmental benefits of such a system will be like planting nearly 24, 000 trees and conserving around 14, 000 barrels of oil.  Read more

Gearing-up time at Kennedy Institute: ‘Iconic’ design unveiled; Mt. Vernon St. or EMK Blvd.?

How does Edward M. Kennedy Boulevard sound as the new name of Columbia Point’s Mt. Vernon Street?

Peter Meade, the president and CEO of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, acknowledged that he had been approached by some Dorchester residents about the possible renaming of the street, which starts by Columbia Rd., runs past the former Bayside Expo site, through the Harbor Point community, and ends at the UMass-Boston campus. “We’ll see where that idea goes,” Meade said. “You have to make sure the people who live here and work on that street think it’s a good idea.”  Read more

Columbia Pt. plan revised; shorter buildings, more open space

Proposed heights for development in Columbia Point have been reduced and open green space has been increased by a half-acre under a revised master plan that the city’s planning agency will eventually use as a blueprint for development in the area.

The final plan, the product of a two-year effort by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and a mayoral-appointed task force of local residents, is meant to function as a guideline for developers looking at the area and aimed at reconnecting Columbia Point, cut off from the rest of Dorchester because of the expressway, to Savin Hill.  Read more