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Despite millions in funding by city, little is happening at Strand Theatre

Stephen Kurkjian and Pat Tarantino, Special To The Reporter
Aug. 25, 2010

Strand Theatre: Columbia Rd. landmark goes unused most days.Strand Theatre: Columbia Rd. landmark goes unused most days.After $8 million in renovations, Strand site unused 10 months a year; bustling '90s now a memory

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino says the proudest moment of his political career took place last year at the Strand Theatre in Dorchester when more than a thousand people, of all races, faiths and ages, locals as well as out-of-towners, turned out over two nights to attend the play “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

The mayor has given two of his State of the City addresses at the Strand and his commitment to the theatre goes beyond the rhetorical. He has channeled $10 million in city funds in an effort to return the Strand, the last neighborhood theatre in the city, to its early 20th-century glory.

But Menino’s enthusiasm for the Strand has not extended to his administration’s stewardship of the Uphams Corner fixture – even though it has become one of the city’s costliest neighborhood initiatives.

Despite the extensive renovations, usage of the theatre has fallen dramatically in recent years.  Read more

Serrano ceremony

Serrano ceremony

Once a haven for youth, Strand Theatre now seen more as history

Pat Tarantino, Special to the Reporter
Aug. 25, 2010

Akiba AbakaAkiba AbakaAt 14 years old, Vanessa Lindo took the stage for the first time in her life at the Strand Theatre. As the newest member of the Strand Teen Players, Lindo, a Jamaican immigrant living in Dorchester, saw a new world open before her eyes.

“We got on stage and started singing, me and 30 other kids,” she recalls. “I was so nervous, I stood in the back like a statue.”

Since her first stage performance, a lot has changed for Lindo, now 30 and known in Boston art circles as Akiba Abaka. She has found her voice and works as producing artistic director of Up You Mighty Race, an award-winning African theater ensemble and youth mentoring group.  Read more

Plaque ceremony to honor slain Uphams Corner store clerk

A Saturday ceremony is planned to install a plaque memorializing a 71 year-old store clerk who was gunned down inside an Uphams Corner convenience store last Feburary. Geraldo Serrano was shot to death on Feb. 24 when he confronted two young men who were robbing the Hermanos Unidos store. The two suspects were quickly captured by Boston Police. Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation is organizing the 11 a.m. event at 2 Dudley Terrace, which will be followed by a block party.

Become a Basic Literacy or ESOL Tutor

Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts invites prospective volunteers to one of our informational orientations held August 16 and September 9 from 6-8 in downtown Boston. Volunteer tutors work one-to-one with students from communities throughout the Greater Boston area, including Dorchester and Mattapan, for 2-hours per week for a minimum of 9 to 12 months at mutually convenient times in public places. LVM trains volunteers to tutor adult learners in either Basic Literacy or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  Read more

Kirstin Griffiths

City Council passes Menino budget by 11-2 vote

The City Council on Wednesday voted 11-2 to pass Mayor Thomas Menino’s $2.3 billion budget for fiscal year 2011. Councillors also voted unanimously to pass a home rule petition – which requires approval from the mayor, the governor and the state Legislature – to hand library trustees the power to fundraise for the cash-strapped library system.  Read more

Summary of St. Fleur's farewell speech to House of Representatives

From the State House News Service comes a summary of the remarks former state Rep. Marie St. Fleur made Tuesday to her former colleagues on the House floor.

St. Fleur this week started a job in the Menino administration as its chief of advocacy and strategic investment. She served in the Fifth Suffolk District seat for just over a decade, winning a special election in 1999.  Read more

Ka Carlos

Ka Carlos

Bar and restaurant on Hancock Street shut down after double murder.

Uphams Corner restaurant couldn't recover from double murder

Ka Carlos: Bar and restaurant on Hancock Street shut down after double murder.Ka Carlos: Bar and restaurant on Hancock Street shut down after double murder.

The owners of Ka-Carlos Bar and Grille, scene of a brutal fight last August that ended with two murders, have shut the place down and are in the middle of selling off its assets.  Read more

Community Dialogues on Dorchester's Ethnic and Racial Diversity

The YWCA is hosting a moderated dialogue on Boston's racial and ethnic diversity in Dorchester, starting April 27. Register now to be part of this important conversation!
YWCA Boston’s Community Dialogues on Boston’s ethnic and racial diversity is an ongoing project to bring people from all walks of life together to create stronger, safer and more unified neighborhoods.

How Does It Work?  Read more

dialogues@ywcaboston.org, (617) 5855423
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