Codman Square

At an Impasse: Codman Students Want Transit Deal Finished

Students and faculty at the Codman Academy hope that this weekend will mark the end of their struggles with the MBTA.

After three years of lobbying for six-day student T passes by the Codman Academy, the MBTA created the pass last December and Codman students began using it for the first time this month. But during their first week using the passes in the first week of March, a number of students reported that MBTA bus drivers refused to accept their new passes, with one driver confiscating a student's pass.  Read more

Budget Cuts and All, Codman Sq. Center Marks Birthday

"You're part of a national movement," Alexander von Hoffman told his audience Monday night. "These small groups have transformed what people considered urban wastelands across the country. It's a tremendous accomplishment."

Von Hoffman, a senior research fellow at Harvard and author of the recently-released House by House, Block by Block: The Rebirth of America's Urban Neighborhoods, addressed the 28th annual meeting of the Codman Square Health Center (CSHC), speaking to a packed house of more than a hundred in Codman Square's Great Hall.  Read more