Urban wild to get major face-lift in Bowdoin-Geneva

A system of trails, benches, parking, an outdoor classroom and a stargazing area will soon appear in an urban wild near the crossroads of Bowdoin-Geneva known as Geneva Cliffs. Thanks to a flurry of local organizations and public and private donors, initial work could be complete by next summer, if the weather and contractors cooperate.

"We're just receiving bid packages today for the costs," said Sherry Flashman, a project coordinator for the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (EDC) on Friday. "We have sufficient funding to build the project out to phase one."  Read more

Bowdoin-Geneva gets point person for Main Street effort

There's restaurants and hardware stores, historic churches and schools, and a top-notch health center. The Bowdoin-Geneva business district has an impressive portfolio, but has long needed someone to manage those assets. Someone to encourage a diversity of businesses, to turn losers into winners, and perhaps most importantly, to provide a vision and direction for the future of the district.

Enter Sandra Kennedy, who's experienced in such things.  Read more