Public Safety

Thousands expected to bade farewell to fallen State Trooper Paul Barry

On Thursday June 15, 2006, Massachusetts State Police Trooper Paul Barry died as a result of an accident while on duty. The funeral services for Trooper Barry will be held at Saint Mark Church, 1725 Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester. The wake will be held on Monday from 2:00pm to 8:00pm and the Funeral Services on Tuesday at 11:00am.

Out of respect for Trooper Barry and the logistical concerns surrounding his services, a groundbreaking for the Ashmont TOD project scheduled for 2 p.m. on Tuesday has been postponed. It has not yet been rescheduled.  Read more

Opponents keep fight against BU's Biolab alive

The fight against the controversial Biosafety Level 4 Lab, which is slated to be built in the South End starting later this month, is not yet over, according to activists opposed to the lab. Despite the recent announcement that the project had received final approval from the federal government, local opponents hope that last-ditch legislative attempts can still block the lab's operations, even if the building itself is constructed.  Read more

Crime tops concerns at Capuano's town meeting

Desperate from having lived through Boston's bloodiest year in a decade, residents of Bowdoin-Geneva repeatedly asked Eighth District Congressman Michael Capuano for his input on how the fight against gun violence on their streets could be won. The conversation took place at a community forum held by Capuano at the Bowdoin Street Health Center on Saturday afternoon. The discussion touched on a wide range of national and international issues, but violent crime on Boston's streets was a frequent topic for the 20 or so attendees.  Read more

Blue Christmas on C-11

It was three nights before Christmas, but already on Bowdoin Street, the clip-clop of hooves could be heard above the din of the evening traffic.

Come again?

That's right: Hooves.

But, instead of Dasher and Dancer, this Christmas brought Mumbo and Shorty, two of the Boston Police Department's finest. With their partners, Officers Jenny Boyce and Denise Schrener mounted up top, they trotted up Bowdoin Street before stopping at the corner of Olney Street for a spell.  Read more

Man's Body Found Outside Church

Churchgoers filing out of the nine o'clock Mass at Blessed Mother Teresa church on Monday morning discovered the dead body of a man on the grounds of the church.

The Medical Examiner's office on Thursday said that the victim, 43 year-old Richard Lanoue of South Boston, died of accidental hypothermia.

Captain Paul Russell, commander at the South Boston-based Area C-6 police district, said that Lanoue was pronounced dead shortly after police arrived at the scene at about 9:45 a.m.  Read more

Wanted: Clean-Up in Aisle 88

Irked by code violations and what they say is inadequate parking, Columbia/Savin Hill residents ripped the Super 88 grocery store at the South Bay complex for being unresponsive to community concerns.  Read more

Blaze Guts Service Center

The building containing the Dorchester headquarters of Action for Boston Community Development, the city's official antipoverty program, was destroyed by fire last week.  Read more

B-3 Captain Narrowly Escapes Basement Ambush

The commander of one of Dorchester's two main police districts narrowly escaped death last week when he was ambushed by a desperate fugitive in the basement of a Franklin Field duplex. In a Wednesday afternoon shootout, the gunman unloaded a total of five bullets at close range at Area B-3 Captain Timothy Murray, who returned fire and felled the suspect with two bullets from his own service revolver. Murray, who suffered a sprained ankle in the incident, was otherwise unhurt, an outcome that one police source familiar with the incident called "the grace of God."  Read more

Police Commander Says Most Crime Stats Down in District Three

Despite an alarming spike in homicides and shootings on his district this year, the commander of the B-3 Boston Police says that crime is actually down in most categories in the Mattapan-Dorchester area. This month, Captain Timothy Murray is canvassing community meetings and crime watch groups in the area in an attempt, he says, to "put in perspective what is actually happening out on the streets."  Read more

City Has to Excorise Demons of Busing

This article originally appeared on page 2 of the June 24, 2004 edition of the Dorchester Reporter.

Boston’s bogeyman made a return trip to town this past week. Not to worry, though; the tabloid press and political establishment successfully bludgeoned it to death before it could do any harm. Or any good. It happens this way every time the “R” word - Race - comes up for air. And it’s a sorry sign of a city that’s not willing or able to deal with reality.  Read more