Savin Hill

Neighbors press for city to make Savin Hill Ave. safer

Lisa Hagen, Special to the Reporter
Mar. 22, 2012

A treacherous stretch of Savin Hill Avenue is getting renewed scrutiny from city officials after complaints from neighbors who say that speeding, reckless drivers, and the narrow nature of the street itself pose a serious safety risk.

City Councillor Frank Baker and the city’s transportation chief, Thomas Tinlin, went on a walkthrough of the area with neighbors six weeks ago, an expedition that resulted in the installation of new signs urging caution on the two-way stretch of the avenue. Still, Baker says, the street cannot handle all of the traffic.  Read more

Three teens charged with armed holdup of computer-repair shop

The Boston Police Department reports three teens didn't get far with the 10 to 15 laptops they allegedly stole from a Dorchester Avenue computer-repair shop Monday morning.

Police say the three entered Comp-Net Solutions, 1120 Dorchester Ave., around 11:20 a.m. and asked an employee if he sold chargers. When he said no, one took out a black handgun and pointed it at him, while the other two gathered up the laptops from display cases. Before leaving, they took his wallet as well.  Read more

Dorchester Yacht Club pier catches on fire

Yacht club fire.

Firefighters at the yacht club. Photo by BFD.

A pier fire at the Dorchester Yacht Club off the Southeast Expressway erupted late Wednesday afternoon and went to two alarms because of the difficulty of fighting it, the Boston Fire Department reports.  Read more

Dorchester Day Parade Committee - 2012 Youth Art Contest

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee is hosting its 1st annual art contest open to all
Dorchester residents in the 3rd through 6th grade or students that attend a Dorchester
school. Two (2) prizes will be awarded to the drawings that are chosen from a
panel of local judges. Please fill out the registration form below and mail it with your
Art to the committee chair. A completed registration form and Art must be
postmarked by March 16, 2012 to be considered for a prize.

1.) The student must be a Dorchester resident or attend a Dorchester school.  Read more

(617) 412-9822
Marty Hogan

Police say man tried to hold up two people at gunpoint but failed in both cases

The Boston Police Department charges Morgado Veiga, 19, tried to hold up two people in rapid succession yesterday afternoon but was successfully turned away by both.  Read more

Police collar alleged stick-up man in Savin Hill

Boston Police arrested a 19 year-old Dorchester man on armed robbery charges last evening in Savin Hill after the suspect allegedly accosted two people at gunpoint in back-to-back incidents around 5 p.m. Neither victim was hurt in the stick-up attempts and the weapon turned out to be a pellet gun.

The incidents happened moments apart just around 5 p.m. The first took place near the corner of Sydney and Sudan streets. The second victim was accosted at Romsey and Sudan Streets. The suspect demanded phones from the victims, but did not succeed in either attempt. He fled the scene and was apprehended a few minutes later by C-11 police.  Read more

Free GED/ESL Classes

The Higher Education Development and Upliftment Program is offering free GED/ESL classes on Mondays from 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Christ the King Church at 50 Stoughton Street, Dorchester, MA 02125. We offer individualized, one-on-one tutoring that allows people to choose what specific skills/subjects they need help with. We start-up for 2012 on Monday, January 23rd. Questions? Call 1-980-224-3387 or visit


Stepped up patrols in Savin Hill lead to gun, drug bust

Boston Police have stepped up their patrols in Savin Hill this week in response to a string of high-profile incidents, including a brawl last Friday outside a troubled house on Savin Hill Ave. The extra presence seems to be paying off: On Wednesday night, a team of cops busted up an apparent drug deal that began at the corner of Dot Ave. and Savin Hill Avenue and resulted in three arrests for gun and drug charges after a traffic stop in South Boston.  Read more

The menace on Savin Hill Avenue

Several levels of city government have swung into action this week to confront a “problem property” on Savin Hill Avenue that has become a real menace in recent years, according to neighbors and police reports. City officials have not yet opted to fine the property’s owner for his role in creating the nuisance— something they could do under a new city ordinance passed earlier this year. Instead, they are using their leverage and experience to compel the owner, My Lan Nguyen, to evict the tenants who are responsible for the trouble at 47-49 Savin Hill Ave.  Read more

City official: Landlord will move to evict Savin Hill tenants

47-49 Savin Hill Ave: Landlord has told police he will evict tenants who were involved in brawl on Friday.47-49 Savin Hill Ave: Landlord has told police he will evict tenants who were involved in brawl on Friday.(Updated, Tuesday, Dec. 13)— Five people were arrested on Friday night following a raucous street brawl outside a notorious multi-family house on Savin Hill’s main drag. Now, a top official in the Mayor's office says that the owner of the property has promised to evict the tenants who were arrested in the incident.

As many as 20 people were allegedly fighting outside of 49 Savin Hill Ave. when the first police unit rolled up around 10:45 p.m. on Friday. More than a dozen cops from district C-11 and neighboring district C-6 were needed to quell the violence and cuff the worst offenders, one of whom fled inside the six-family house that neighbors have repeatedly cited as a trouble-spot.  Read more