Pope's Hill

St. Ann's girls win CYO title for second year

St. Ann's champs: Top (l-r) Asst. Coach Charlie Conners, Candace Andrews, Maria King, Claire Folan, Molly Ryan, Kaelyn Sullivan, Fiona Morgan, Coach Lisa DelTufo w/son Charlie Jr. Bottom: Mallory O'Dwyer, Lauren Cavaleri, Kelly Sullivan, Taylor Ball. Photo by John Sullivan  Read more

St. Ann's School to be rehabbed, not torn down

The Neponset Avenue campus that houses St. Ann's Catholic grammar school will be renovated over a two year period beginning this June, officials involved in the construction plans told the Reporter this week. The decision means that students will not be displaced during the reconstruction project, which had initially called for the demolition of the original 1909 schoolhouse and the construction of a brand new academic facility.  Read more

Starting off the New Year

"Another fresh new year is here…
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear:
To love and laugh and give!"
By William Arthur Ward  Read more

Of New Year resolutions

"A bright New Year, a promised dawn,
Ring New Year bells, ring on, ring on!
A bright New Year, a bright new dawn,
The old year fades, the old year gone.
A new beginning, another chance
Of nobler living to enhance.
A bright New Year, a bright new day,
A gladsome promise of work and play."
"New Year Bells…Ring On…Ring On"  Read more

Dunkin' proposal gets cool reception at Pope's Hill

A plan to remodel the Li'l Peach convenience store on Neponset Avenue was met with some resistance from Popes Hill neighbors last week, largely because of a potential facet of that plan to add a Dunkin' Donuts counter and a drive-thru window to the store.  Read more