Pope's Hill

Fields of tall corn

I haven’t seen fields of wheat but Hubby and I certainly saw fields of tall corn when we rode through Virginia recently. Our corn around Boston is maturing at a much slower rate because of the cold and rainy weather conditions in May and June. Hubby, however, has already begun harvesting tomatoes from the five-gallon pots on the side porch. The tomatoes on the plants in the ground behind the grape vine are still green. Our own tomatoes taste so much better than those that we buy in the stores.  Read more

Summer Sunflowers

Hubby is so proud of two of his sunflowers. The one near the front stairs is about as tall as I am and has a huge flower. The one out by the side stairs is smaller but just as pretty. In the garden outside St. Christopher’s Church, someone is tending to two gigantic sunflowers. They are a joy to see as we look out the church windows. In our own yard, the clematis plant, between our two sunflowers, has many beautiful purple flowers on it. Some of our hybrid tea roses have begun to flower again. That is why we always purchase hybrid teas.  Read more

Family Birthday

The hot and humid weather of the past couple of weeks has fostered an abundant crop of weeds in our yard. Hubby and I try to pull the weeds away from the rose bushes and the clematis. Hubby has about six sunflowers growing in the yard. Of course, the tallest one is right near the front stairs and will probably whack anyone in the face as soon as the huge flower head opens.  Read more

The Tall Ships

I finally was able to get outside to finish putting plants into our two whiskey barrels. As I turned over the soil in the larger of the barrels, a parade of the little bugs that ate me alive about a month ago started pouring over the side of the barrel. Hubby ran inside the house and grabbed a can of Raid. He sprayed both barrels so I had no more problems. The larger barrel has pink geraniums in the center, with various shades of pink impatiens around the edge of the barrel. The smaller barrel already had red geraniums so I put white impatiens around the edge of that barrel.  Read more

"Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today"

I think back to some of the flowers that I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts, and the balsams (my grandfather’s favorite). Each fall, we would pop open the seed pods of the balsams and save the seeds for the following year. I still can smell the pungent odor of the geraniums when my fourth-grade teacher would pinch off the dead leaves from the plants in our classroom.  Read more

Neponset Health Center teams up with Neighborhood Health Plan

Starting Friday July 10th Neponset Health Center will be hosting a health insurance table hosted by a Neighborhood Health Plan representative. Neighborhood Health Plan will be in the lobby of the Neponset Health Center every other Friday from 9am-2pm with information on the health insurance plans that are available to everyone. The Neighborhood Health Plan rep. will be able to answer any questions that you may have about their plans and will help find out which plan will work best for you. They will also have FREE giveaways for people who come in for information.  Read more


Lantern Festival

I think back to some of the flowers I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts. I don’t remember impatiens, which are so prevalent now. In my mind, I can still picture one of my teachers as she pinched dead leaves from the geraniums in our classroom. I still remember the pungent geranium odor.  Read more

FOUND! Dog named 'Emma' missing from Victory Rd. area

Emma: Help her get homeEmma: Help her get homeA 3.5 year-old German Shorthaired Pointer named "Emma" who went missing after escaping from its dog sitters on Wednesday (July 8) from Victory Rd. park was found near Franklin Park on Saturday morning.
The pooch had last been seen heading north on Mill St. away from CVS on Morrissey Blvd around noon on Wednesday. Described as friendly, Emma has a chocolate colored head and body with white ticking.
Editor's Note: The Reporter publishes lost dog notices online and in print at no charge.

Branson, Missouri part 3

Hubby and I always love the Fourth of July. It is usually a leisurely time during the day as we work around the house and yard but we are sure to be seated in front of the TV in the evening for the annual Fourth of July Pops’ concert on the Esplanade. WBZ-TV will begin broadcasting at 8 p.m. We love The 1812 Overture with the cannons manned by the 101st Field Artillery regiment, based in Brockton.  Read more

Branson, Missouri part 2

Hubby has replaced our tattered flag with a brand new one for this Fourth of July. We will have to send our old flag to the Boy Scouts so that they may dispose of it properly. Hubby also put up our red, white, and blue star-shaped windspin on the porch. A friend gave me a lovely plant of red, white, and blue (really purple) petunias. To jazz up the plant for the Fourth, he put in red, white, and blue star-shaped, metallic floral picks that look great shining in the sun. The plant looked a little pot-bound so I repotted it into a larger pot with fresh potting soil.  Read more