Pope's Hill

You have a choice!

You have a choice! Open enrollment for health insurance through the State of Massachusetts is coming to an end this Thursday, June 25th. Make sure that you have taken advantage of this time and have made sure you will have the health insurance plan of your choice under Commonwealth Care Plans & Mass Health. If you are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan through the State of Massachusetts either it be Neighborhood Health Plan, Network Health or BMC Health Net you have the option to switch to another plan if you want to or you can stay with your current plan.  Read more

Branson, Missouri

What a lovely tribute to Will Rogers Sr. from his son. I laugh when the phone rings and it’s a call from one of our kids. “Please put Dad on the phone. I have a question.” Hubby/Dad can usually answer the question or he goes into his vast array of reference books to find the correct answer. Most of the time, the kids will ask him to look in Consumer Reports to find out which brand of the product they are buying is the best buy. They especially call him when they are looking for a new car or big appliance.  Read more

Meet the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese

Our roses continue to amaze me. We probably have more success with them than with any other plant in our garden except, of course, with weeds. We do have an abundance of weeds. We now have a white rose bush with pale pink edging, standing right next to our hot pink rose bush. After hearing the forecast for rain, Hubby went out the other evening, after his walk at Castle Island, and put a handful of rose food around each of our bushes. The same evening, I took four pink geraniums and four red geraniums into the back yard to put them in our whiskey barrels.  Read more

Health Insurance??? Who does not have it? Who needs it?

There are so many reasons why people do not have health insurance. It is not offered through my employer, it is so expensive, I don't know how to get it on my own... Are any of these really worth the penalty? It is now a law in Massachusetts for all residents to have health insurance. I am sure a lot of people got hit with the tax penalty in April if you did not have proof of health insurance for 2008. The fee that you may be forced to pay in April 2010 may be more than $1,000 depending on your situation. Why throw this money away?  Read more

Our roses are magnificent

Our roses are magnificent, if Hubby and I dare say so. He took photos of the big rosebush in our front yard. The big, beautiful roses against the white house siding looked even more spectacular than usual. Hubby feeds our rose bushes once a month with a handful of rose food around each of our bushes. We still have a yellow rose bush sitting in a bucket of water on our porch. We must plant that one in the next few days. Hubby will also plant our tomatoes within the next week, now that the danger of frost has passed.  Read more

Mayor Menino’s annual breakfast

I saw this saying in a Ziggy cartoon. All the new roses that Hubby and I have planted have small thorns. We do, however, have some very old rose bushes along the side fence that have vicious thorns. Both the new roses and the old roses have beautiful blossoms but we think that the old roses are far more odiferous than the newer ones. The other evening Hubby came in the house after working in the yard for a little while. He went to one of the kitchen cabinets and took out a little crystal vase. In it he placed two roses, each a different variety but both beautiful.  Read more

Senior Supper

Our roses are almost out. I planted several flats of pansies into a huge flower pot so the pansies wouldn’t dry out so easily. Our grapevine is finally starting to leaf out, much to our relief. By the way, if you are filling a large, empty flower pot or even a whiskey barrel, fill the container part-way with packing peanuts so that the container won’t be so heavy as it would be with all soil. It can then be moved around more easily.  Read more

"A Taste of Dorchester"

Still in keeping with the Mothers’ Day celebration, I thought this was a lovely saying by Adabella Radici. I can remember my grandmother as she sat with me as I studied Shakespeare in high school. When she read the words to me, they had much more meaning than when I read them in my text book. Grandma was really not a book person, however. She was more apt to be knitting or crocheting when she had time to sit. She made mittens for all us grandkids. She used two colors of yarn but put the stripes in different places or made the stripes thinner or wider so we would know our own mittens.  Read more


DotOUT is an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their allies who live and work in Dorchester. The group hosts social events and civic activities, endorses political candidates, and supports charitable causes to improve the quality of life in Dorchester.

For more information, visit www.dotout.org.


Dorchester Board of Trade luncheon

Memories of my mother are apt to surface especially at this time of year. I don’t, however, have too many memories of her because she died of cancer at the young age of 37, in 1945. I do remember her putting on face powder before she went out. I also remember her playing the piano.

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