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Tenean Beach playground deemed unsafe; tidal floods caused damage

The playground at Tenean Beach has been ordered closed immediately due to damage caused by tidal flooding earlier this year that has made the surface of the play area unsafe. The determination was made after a safety inspection this week.  Read more

Police: Bandit may be targeting passengers leaving Red Line

Boston and MBTA Police are stepping up patrols this week and warning the public after a flurry of street robberies targeting women that may be the work of a single, armed bandit. The incidents have all targeted women who were walking home from Red Line stations, including JFK-UMass, Savin Hill, Shawmut and Ashmont.

“We’re concerned about it,” said Captain Richard Sexton, commander of the Area C-11 police district. “It seems like it’s one person right now. We’ve had a few others on the district recently, but there’s definitely a pattern going here along the Red Line.”  Read more

ABCD needs you to Volunteer! (Volunteer Tax Preparer Training)

ABCD needs you to Volunteer!
We are looking for special people like you to volunteer with the Financial Futures Initiative at ABCD this upcoming tax season to:

• Help our Boston residents get free tax preparation assistance
• Save thousands of dollars in tax preparation fees; and
• Make a difference in their lives.

By volunteering your time, you get to

• Learn new skills
• Make new friends; and
• Become a certified IRS tax preparer  Read more

Bindu Vedagiri

Boston Votes 2012, By the Numbers

Polls open across the city at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and close at 8 p.m., at which point results for Boston will start to trickle in on City Hall’s website (www.cityofboston.gov).

So here’s a few numbers, provided by Mayor Thomas Menino’s press office and the city’s Election Department:

-- Thanks to the ballot questions, the ballot will be 18 inches long.  Read more

Dorchester House Guys and Gals Senior Club

The Dorchester House Guys and Gals Senior Club meets every Tuesday under the Leadership of Rosemary Gallagher for BINGO starting at 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. There is time for other activities from 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon. If you don't play Bingo, bring your knitting or crochet. Come meet some great people. Sign up for a trip. The Dot Cafe in the lobby has great food or bring your own lunch. Do you like cards? Come play a game of Whist from 10:00 to 12. Drop by and check us out.

Rosemary Gallagher

Editorial: Finding a fix for Tenean beach

Tenean Beach Tenean Beach Last week’s front-page story in the Reporter (“Tenean Beach lags behind in quality of water,” June 14, 2012) likely came as no surprise to those who have visited Dorchester’s beaches in recent years. The story highlighted a Save the Harbor-Save the Bay report showing that Tenean Beach is one of two in the neighborhood that are bringing up the rear in terms of water pollution over the first half of the year. It’s not a new problem, but rather one that is more pronounced now that most of the city’s beaches are so much better off than they were in decades past.

There have been significant improvements all along the Harbor beaches since the court-mandated clean-up in the 1990s, led by the MWRA, largely ended the periodic dumping of raw sewage into the waters off Boston. Since then, follow-up projects — including one recently completed in South Boston— have sought to close a gap in the shoreline defense by sealing off combined sewer overflows (CSOs) that would dump untreated rainwater and related waste into Dorchester Bay.  Read more

DOT DAY: Brown and Warren marching in parade and more

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will be making her first appearance in the annual Dorchester Day Parade on Sunday, where she'll be joined by her chief rival Scott Brown.

Warren will be marching in the third division, while Brown will be in the chief marshal's division. (It's customary for incumbents to march ahead of challengers.)

The two are hardly strangers to Dorchester: Both have featured the neighborhood in their television ads.  Read more

Attorney general sues Port Norfolk apartment owner for housing discrimination

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Mar. 12, 2012

Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office has filed a housing discrimination lawsuit against the owner of an apartment building in the Port Norfolk neighborhood.

According to the lawsuit filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Shirley Smith Bragel allegedly told a potential tenant that she could not rent an apartment at 12 Lorenzo St. because the potential tenant received a Section 8 federal housing subsidy. The potential tenant is a single mother, who lost her Dorchester home last year and has a 21-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, according to court documents.  Read more

Dorchester Day Parade Committee - 2012 Youth Art Contest

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee is hosting its 1st annual art contest open to all
Dorchester residents in the 3rd through 6th grade or students that attend a Dorchester
school. Two (2) prizes will be awarded to the drawings that are chosen from a
panel of local judges. Please fill out the registration form below and mail it with your
Art to the committee chair. A completed registration form and Art must be
postmarked by March 16, 2012 to be considered for a prize.

1.) The student must be a Dorchester resident or attend a Dorchester school.  Read more

(617) 412-9822
Marty Hogan

Neighbors report daytime housebreak in Port Norfolk

Neighbors at a home in Port Norfolk returned home at mid-day on Tuesday (Feb. 7) to find that someone had broken into their home, stealing laptops, construction equipment and a safe.  Read more