Meetinghouse Hill

Beresford Recalled as Devoted Friend to Park, Neighbors

John Beresford was drawn to his home near Ronan Park by the neighborhood's potential. It was a neighborhood poised to round the corner - ready to shake off history and a bad reputation.

All it needed was a little help.

And so not long after Beresford and his partner Adam Greenfield moved into their three decker on Mount Ida Road, they set about giving their neighborhood that help.

It was the breathtaking views of Dorchester Bay from their third floor apartment that first sold Greenfield and Beresford on the home, according to friend, Dan Dowling.  Read more

Neighborhood Historian, Civic Leader Don Brown Dead at 79

One of the neighborhood's great historians and civic pioneers died last week after a life spent in celebration of his adopted home.

Donald Brown, 79, whose battle against cancer did not deter him from celebrating one final Dorchester Day in style this summer, succumbed at his Meetinghouse Hill home on Thursday.

Brown will be rememberd by friends and family as a proud veteran, a gentle and caring soul who devoted the last decades of his life to promoting and protecting the neighborhood.  Read more