Feeney 'unconvinced' on moving Carney away from acute care, critical of shift to 'beahvioral health' facility

Boston City Council President Maureen E. Feeney issued the following statement today on the Attorney General's report on Caritas Christi Health Care System and Caritas Carney Hospital.

"This report clearly echoes what we know about the Caritas Christi Health Care System: that it faces significant fiscal and operational challenges and in order to remain viable it must reform its governance to operate independent from the Archdiocese of Boston.

"Regarding Caritas Carney Hospital, the jewel in my district, this report further contributes to the uncertainty faced by this hospital, its doctors, nurses, staff and, most importantly, the patients it serves.

"There is little doubt that Carney faces challenges.  I recognize that continuing to operate as is and under the current structure of Caritas is not a viable option.  However, I am unconvinced that the future of Carney does not include acute care.  It is clear to me and our local elected leadership, that this community needs the services that Carney provides.  I believe that we do need a complete and comprehensive community needs assessment to more fully understand the ways in which Carney can continue serving the communities of Dorchester and the wider metro Boston area.

"On the issue of behavioral health, while this is clearly a viable niche market for this hospital, I am strongly opposed to any efforts to turn Carney Hospital into a behavioral health services facility.  To do so would be a disservice to this community."



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