Byrne Playground - restore the play equipment and reconstruct the court and passive areas. ($385,000)

McConnell Playground - remove and replace outdated play equipment, curbing, paving, landscaping and other ancillary site improvements. ($201,000)

Ripley Playground - remove and replace play equipment, courts, fencing and other miscellaneous items. ($570,000)

Great Hall at Codman Square - improve access to building for persons with disabilities and replace boiler. ($870,000)

Dorchester Avenue - reconstruct roadways as well as Andrew Square, Glover's Corner, Field's Corner and Peabody Square; rebuild and re-time traffic signals. ($7.8 million)

Franklin Hill Roadways - construct new roadways in conjunctions with the redevelopment of Franklin Hill BHA housing development. ($4.1 million)

Cleveland School - conduct programming study for original building; major renovation to include access improvements, roof, windows, HVAC, fire alarm, floors, lockers and masonry. ($1 million)

McCormack School - replace windows and repaint masonry around windows. ($2.6 million)


Strand Theatre - masonry repairs including the portico; repair or replace fire doors, regular doors and windows; paint and plaster; refurbish theater seating; replace boiler; sprinkler and security system work; upgrade exit lighting and exterior lighting. ($7.5 million)


Marshall Pool - renovation of pool and locker room areas, including new dehumidification system. ($1 million)

Quincy Stanley Playground - remove and replace play equipment, paving, fencing and other miscellaneous items. ($370,000)

Burke High School - design and construction new full service library branch and gym; renovate existing school building to include new cafeteria and general building improvements. ($49.5 million)

Mather School - replace roof. ($283,000)


Engine 17 - renovations to interior and exterior building systems and structure. ($168,000)

Adams Branch Library - assess interior space requirements for children's and adults sections; replace front doors and repair or replace windows; improve handicap access, replace certain flooring; install new circulation desk. ($974,300)

Uphams Corner Library - site acquisition, design, construction and furnishings for development of new branch library. ($13 million)

Roberts Playground - update playing field with new synthetic turf surface. ($3.5 million)

District C-11 station - replace roof; renovate cell block and booking areas, upgrade public bathrooms and front entrance to improve access for disabled; upgrade fire alarm system. ($4 million)

Uphams Corner Municipal Building - replace roof and gutters; install new boiler; renovate exterior entry, stairway and lighting; upgrade bathrooms and upgrade access to people with disabilities. ($3.9 million)

King School - renovation including elevator, DDC controls, exterior paving and bathroom upgrades. ($3.45 million)

P.A. Shaw School - repair masonry. ($315,000)

Wilson School - plumbing upgrades to the bathrooms. ($429,944)

Marshall School - replace windows. ($1.9 million)


Four Corners - reconstruct intersection at Washington St., Harvard St. Bowdoin St. and Bowdoin Ave., including new traffic and pedestrian signalization, new sidewalks and street trees. ($600,000)

TOTAL FOR DORCHESTER: $108.3 million

Source: The Mayor's Office