Police union eyes Neponset veterans' post for HQ

Members of a veterans' post in Neponset will gather later this month to discuss a proposal to sell their longtime headquarters to the city's largest police union. The Boston Police Patrolmen's Association (BPPA) - now headquartered in Dorchester near South Bay - would like to purchase the John P. McKeon AMVETS Post at 4 Hilltop Street. In a letter sent to the post's membership last weekend, veterans were asked to attend a special meeting on Saturday, Oct. 25 to discuss the proposal to sell the building and to hear a presentation of "a new building" for the post.

This week, BPPA president Thomas Nee confirmed that his union is "very interested" in purchasing the McKeon Post building. Nee said that the property would not be used as a function hall or social club, but strictly for conducting the business of the association.

"It's a wonderful neighborhood and a wonderful piece of property," said Nee. "It satisfies the needs of our membership for the future."

The McKeon Post - which includes a function hall and members' lounge - has been a popular venue for birthday parties, family gatherings and political times. The post is named for a Dorchester native who was killed in World War II. It continues to boast a solid membership among veterans with ties to Dorchester and has bolstered its enrollment over the years by issuing associate memberships to non-veterans.

John O'Toole, past president of the Cedar Grove Civic Association, said this week that the BPPA would likely be warmly welcomed in the neighborhood. The McKeon Post is just down the block from Florian Hall, the headquarters of the city's firefighters' union, Local 718. The surrounding residential area is also heavily populated with police officers.

"It seems like a good fit as long as all parties can work it out," O'Toole said.

Still not clear is where the membership of the McKeon Post would meet if they do sell the building. The letter sent to members mentions a "new building," but the Reporter could not confirm this week where such a building would be sited or purchased.


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