Sentences rolling in for Fields Corner gang beating

Three of five adults involved in a brutal youth gang beating that took place in Fields Corner in August, 2007 have been sentenced. Two others have court dates in early December.

A video of the beating, which involved participants in their pre-teens on up to age 24 and two victims aged 14 and 15, caused an uproar in the city's Vietnamese community late last year when it was discovered on the video-sharing website YouTube. From the events depicted in the video, it was clear that adults were calling the shots, and some speculated that it was being used as a warning to others by the youth gangs involved in the beating.

Those five adults were singled out by the district attorney's office, represented by assistant D.A. Philip O'Brien for prosecution in the case.

Duong Phan, can be seen punching and kicking one of the victims - a 15 year-old girl - in the video, and then snapping his fingers and saying "ladies" to signal five teenage girls to take over the beating.

Phan pleaded guilty to charges of two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and one count of witness intimidation on Oct. 30. Judge Carol Ball meted out a one year suspended sentence that will hang over his head for two years, with two years of probation to follow. He is also ordered to stay away from both victims, and to finish high school or get a GED.

Duong Phan's brother Thu Phan pleaded guilty for one count assault and battery with a deadly weapon on Oct. 30, and was given two years probation, ordered to stay away from the victim and complete high school or get a GED.

A third brother, Anh "Hai" Phan, is scheduled to enter his plea in early December for his role in the beatings.

Henry Vuong, pleaded guilty to assault and battery with a deadly weapon on Nov. 4, and received two years probation, the terms of which included steering clear of the victims. His brother Harry Vuong, is also scheduled to appear in court in early December.