Cops: Phony 'workers' robbed Minot St. home

Boston Police are warning residents to be watchful for thieves posing as utility workers this week after an elderly Dorchester woman was robbed by a two-man scam team last week. The 84 year-old Minot Street resident was not harmed in the April 1st incident.
According to Area C-11 commander Captain Richard Sexton, a man who claimed to be a Boston Water and Sewer Commission employee visited her front door and asked to check for signs of a water-main break. As the first suspect led the woman into the basement, a second man entered the home and began to ransack the rooms, in search of cash and other valuables. The crooks made off with jewelry and some other personal belongings.
Captain Sexton says that residents who are unsure about the veracity of a house call from a utility or other agency should refuse entry to anyone, even if they show an idenitification badge.
“I would advise a senior citizen to call a family member or friend if they are not sure. They could also call the agency or company first to verify before they let anyone in," said Sexton.
Residents should call 9-1-1 if they encounter any suspicious people seeking to enter their homes without prior notice.