Man arrested at South Bay as 'kissing bandit' is suspect in attempted rape in Brookline

A homeless man arrested at the South Bay mall on Wednesday after allegedly trying to kiss a woman waiting for her boyfriend in his car turns out to be a suspect in a 2007 attempted rape near the Brookline Village Green Line stop.

Boston Police had described Samuel Prato as a kissing bandit in a public report on the South Bay arrest, which said he was wanted on unspecified outstanding warrants and which said the boyfriend came out of Home Depot to find Prato in the woman's lap.

WBZ-TV reports one of those warrants was for an attempted rape in December, 2007, in which he allegedly tried to chat a woman up on trolley from Government Center to Brookline Village and then, when they got off the train and walked away from the station, rape her.

Prato was released on bail in that case and never returned to court, officals say.