Pedestrian strikes spiked at hit and run site

The intersection where a 45-year-old man was struck by a hit and run driver May 12 has recently seen a rise in pedestrian accidents, according to Boston EMS data. In 2007, there were two calls for ambulances to the intersection at Columbia Road and Dudley Street, neither of which were serious enough to result in a transport to the emergency room. But in 2008, there were five calls and four transports. This year so far, there have been three calls and one transport. In general, Uphams Corner has become a dangerous place to cross the street, despite Columbia Road’s original intent as a parkway. In 2008, the entire area saw nine people taken to area hospitals after being hit by motor vehicles.

“We haven’t had any complaints,” said James Gillooly, director of planning at the Boston Transportation Department. He added that no changes have been made there since 2004. However, “Just as a further enhancement, we’re going to put up some signs.”

The various signage, he said, would ask drivers to slow down and yield to pedestrians and also ask pedestrians to watch out for turning cars.