Residents speak out after shooting shakes their street

Residents of Nelson Street — a sidestreet off of Morton Street along the Dorchester and Mattapan border — are interviewed in this video about a shooting incident last Friday night that left them shaken, but unhurt. Bullets whizzed into two homes, including one where a dad was watching TV with his two young kids and their cousins.

Boston Police confirm that they were called to the scene around 9 p.m. Friday night and found shell casings on the street. They also observed damage to the front of #25 Nelson and the side of #23.

In the interview - produced by a Dorchester-based organization called Press Pass TV - neighbors discuss their concerns about the shooting and events that may have preceded it. One resident is Darrin Howell, who works for City Councillor Chuck Turner. Howell says that he and other neighbors are frustrated because their complaints about problems in the neighborhood to city authorities "have not gotten any results."