Wilkerson late filing financial disclosure data

As if former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson didn’t have enough problems: At the end of Tuesday, she was more than a month late in filing a required financial interest disclosure form. As a former elected official, she was supposed to file the form, known as a “statement of financial interest,” for 2008 with the state Ethics Commission by May 1. Her attorney did not return a phone call seeking comment.

A Roxbury Democrat, and at one time a member of the Dorchester delegation, Wilkerson resigned her Second Suffolk District seat on Nov. 19, after facing heavy pressure from her colleagues to step down. Federal authorities have charged her with accepting $23,000 in cash bribes to aid developers and businessmen in legislation up on Beacon Hill. Wilkerson has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Candidates for office, elected public officials and certain public employees who deal in policymaking must file “statements of financial interest” with the Ethics Commission. Those who fail to file on time have a 10-day grace period, after which they are fined $50. After 31 days, they’re fined $500. If they don’t file at all, the fine is $2,000. The statements usually include whether the person or an immediate family member has equity in a business, has received any gifts, trusts, investments, and information on mortgage obligations.

Wilkerson has frequently faced financial troubles. The Boston Globe reported in March that she agreed in Suffolk Superior Court to have her campaign account frozen after she allegedly violated a court order relating to her campaign finances. The Globe also reported Wilkerson took in more than $70,000 in gifts in order to pay off federal tax debts and a mortgage, which gifts were signed off on by the Ethics Commission. (The commission said the payments were okay as long as the contributors didn’t have business before the Legislature.)

Forry and Wallace are tardy

State Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry filed the form on Tuesday afternoon, within the ten-day grace period and before fines kicked in. And Rep. Brian Wallace of South Boston filed his two days late.