B-3 Police Issue Burglary Alert

The police department has issued a Burglary Awareness Community Alert in area District 3, due to an increase in breaking and entering. Please follow the tips below, and contact the Community Service Office at (617)-343-4717 to contact an officer for a thorough security survey of your residence.

Police urge residents to take several small measures to ensure their security. When not at home, police advise locking all windows and doors, drawing blinds or shades, leaving a light on, and not to store backup keys in a hiding place. Residents should also arrange for friends or neighbors to pick up their mail daily if they are away for an extended period.

When at home, police ask neighbors to keep an eye on each others' property, to keep doors locked at all times and to install window locks which restrict window openings to 6 inches or less.

For more information, visit bpdnews.com