Carney Hospital, parent company will be sold to a for-profit investment firm

Caritas Christi, the Catholic hospital network that owns and operates the Carney and five other Hospitals has announced it will be acquired by a for-profit equity firm, the New York-based Cerberus Capital Management. The $830 million deal will yield a huge capital investment by Caritas into its hospitals, including multi-million dollar improvements this year at the Drochester Avenue heath facility.
Caritas CEO Dr. Ralph de la Torre told The Reporter in an interview on Thursday that he and his management team will stay aboard, and the hospitals will continue to operate as Catholic health care facilities. “Cerberus feels that basic integrated community health care is really the future of health care, as we do,” de la Torre said in a phone interview. “Next week we are starting work - we are putting 15 to 20 million dollars into Carney.”
The deal announced today still must seek approvals from regulatory agencies, and the change from a non-profit to a for profit business will require the approval of the state Attorney General.