Florian Hall cancels disco nights after incident that left woman missing a fingertip

Florian Hall has canceled a series of glitter-ball events because of a fight that left one woman with only nine fingertips on Jan. 22.

The two women, both originally from Dorchester, returned to the neighborhood that night from their current homes in Rockland, where they've apparently been feuding for years, a hall manager told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

Sgt. Charles McKinnon of District C-11 told the board the two began to fight around 10:40 p.m. One body checked the other before friends broke them up. But then they started to fight again. Several punches were thrown and one used her teeth rather decisively, he said. He added "the tip of the finger was then located on the dance floor inside the hall."

Board Chairman Daniel Pokaski noted the hall has a good reputation. The board decides Thursday whether to take any action.