Keystone Club News

Keystone Club News

The Keystone Club is our leadership development program for teens and meets every other week to plan community service projects, fundraisers and social activities. Recently, the teen members of the group elected their officers for the upcoming year and are now busy planning projects for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011. We congratulate the following members who were elected by their peers to lead the group for the new year: President – Regina Crawford, Vice President – Jackie Wyse, Treasurer – Kelly Miranda and Secretary – Noreen Walsh. Upcoming projects include our Homework Help Program with younger Club members, a Canned Goods Drive, an inter-club project with Cradles to Crayons, volunteering at Christmas in the City, our Senior Citizen’s Holiday Dinner and assisting at the Winter session of the Massachusetts Special Olympics. The group is also accepting nominations for new members (ages 14-18). New nominees will be mailed an application and invited to take part in an orientation session run by current members. For more information on the Keystone Club please contact VP of Programming, Mike Joyce at ext. 2110.

Intramural Flag Football

The 4-team Junior division of Intramural Flag Football program has completed three weeks of regular season play with two games played this past Saturday. In the first game the Panthers pulled out a 52-30 win over the Falcons. The Panthers were led Tyler Wright (2 TD’s), Raul Cardoso (2 TD’s), Walter Dew-Hollis (1 TD), Pedro Tavares (1 TD), Jeantee Ambris (1 TD) and Radley Theolien (1 TD) while Freddie DePina (2 TD’s), Octavius Nunes (1 TD), Brendan Manning (1 TD) and Malik Williams (1 TD) led the Falcons. In the second game the Buccaneers, behind the offense of Danny Lopes (4 TD’s), Charlie Curd (3 TD’s), Zelito Pina (1 TD), Nicholas Clements (1 TD) and Luke Harington (1 TD) defeated the Saints by a score of 66-28. Leading the offense for the Saints were Le-Zhan DosSantos (1 TD), Jeffrey Herron (1 TD), Jamir Sobers (1 TD) and Joshua Herron (1 TD). The Defensive Players of the Week were Joshua Herron (Saints) and Kenny Demosthene (Panthers) while the Offensive Players of the Week were Freddie DePina (Falcons) and Nicholas Clements (Buccaneers). Current standings in the Junior division have the Buccaneers and Panthers tied for first place at 2-1 while the Falcons and Saints are right behind them with identical 1-2 records. The 4-team Senior division, which plays on Monday evenings, will begin regular season play this week. For more information on the Intramural Flag Football program please contact Athletic Director, Bruce Seals at ext. 2210.

Patriot’s Kids Café Family Dinner

The Patriot’s Kids Café program at the Club, which is run in partnership with The Greater Boston Food Bank, will host its monthly Family Dinner on Thursday, October 21st. The dinner will run from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. and take place in the Gamesroom. The Dinner is open to all members and their parents, including families enrolled in our Early Education & Care and After-School Care programs. Representatives from the Food Bank will be on hand to pass out prizes and gifts for some of our lucky guests in attendance. The Kids Café program allows members ages 6 to 12 the opportunity to receive a hot, nutritious meal five nights a week at 5:00 p.m. Parents interested in registering their children must fill out a program application which are available at the reception desk of all three of our sites. For info on our Family Dinners, please contact Kids Café Coordinator, Maureen Cooper at ext. 2130.

Jazz Boston Riffs & Raps Program Begins

Riffs & Raps is an innovative after-school program that engages young people in exploring the life of their community, and their own creativity, through the medium of Jazz. The program launched on 10/8 with an opening performance that featured Jazz Masters, Arni Cheatham and Bill Lowe of Jazz Boston as well as Rick Agglar of the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club and our very own Music Clubhouse Director, Ayeisha Mathis. The program provides participants with a growth experience that changes their perception of themselves, their community and the learning process. The 7-session program will conclude with a live performance on 11/19 at 7:00 p.m. The Music Clubhouse offers drop-in time, small group music instruction and group activities for members ages 10 & older. For more information please contact Ayeisha Mathis at 617-288-7120, ext. 1430.