Mascot Street cat tests positive for rabies; officials seek residents who might have come in contact

The Boston Public Health Commission reports a cat in the Mascot Street area has tested positive for the potentially fatal disease.

In addition to six people now receiving shots, the commission urges anybody who came into contact with a roughly 10-year-old orange cat there between Oct. 2 and 17 - or whose own pet tangled with the cat - to contact it at 617-534-5611.

Public health official say the case shows the importance of updating pet rabies shots - and of avoiding contact with wild animals:

Avoid any animal that is acting strange or sick. Do not keep wild animals as pets, touch, or pick up any dead animal. Do not attract wild animals to your house by feeding pets outside or leaving garbage cans open.

For more information about rabies, contact the Infectious Disease Bureau at 617-534-5611.