Mattapan CDC prepares to submit plans for Morton St. apartments to city, state

The Mattapan Community Development Corporation announced a major construction project in the works for Morton St. at a community meeting at Mildred Ave. on Wednesday evening. The project, dubbed "Morton St. Homes" will add a $2 Million apartment building from 757 to 769 Morton St. The building is planned to include rental housing units 36 low to moderate income families, as well as 7,800 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The CDC has been in talks with local banks in an attempt to open a branch in the area. Other amenities will include a 30-space parking lot and a 7,000 ft. green space on the level above the ground floor.

According to Mattapan CDC executive director, Spencer DeShields, the organization will also be holding a certification workshop in the coming months for local contractors, with hopes to find a suitable contractor from the Mattapan community for the Morton Street homes.

The CDC plans to submit its application to the city of Boston for funding in January 2011 and, if they are successful, will submit an application to the to the Commonwealth in April. Construction is expected to take a year.