Police say man shot eight times no longer interested in helping their investigation

A man shot repeatedly in an apparent dispute with his ex-girlfriend's current beau is no longer cooperating with police, but police had enough evidence to arrest the many anyway, a police lieutenant told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

The board is involved because the multiple shooting - which the man somehow survived - may have started as an encounter inside Kay's Oasis, 1117 Blue Hill Ave. The board decides Thursday whether the shooting, which happened a block away from Kay's Oasis, should affect the club's license.

Boston Police Lt. Eric Eversley told the board the victim spotted the current boyfriend, Devon Boswell of Dorchester, in the bar shortly before closing time on March 15 and that Boswell apparently tried to say something to him in the bar. But it was loud, the victim didn't hear what he said and he left, Eversley said.

He was nearing his car about a block away at Wilcock Street when he noticed Boswell in the driver's seat of a blue Civic, Eversley said. Boswell then allegedly started to shoot the man. Boswell got out of the car, approached him and "continued to shoot at him while he was lying on the ground," Eversley said.

Eversley said the victim was rushed to Boston Medical Center, where he did provide enough information to police to get them started on their investigation.

Update— June 4, 2015: Devon Boswell was not charged with shooting in this incident, but he did plead guilty to illegal possession of a firearm, according to the Suffolk County DA's office.