Rash of smash-and-grabs hit cars in C-11

District 11 police alerted residents this week to take precautions after a rash of car break-ins that seem to be the work of one individual or group. There were 11 break-ins overnight between last Wednesday and Thursday, according to C-11 police Capt. Richard Sexton. The incidents took place on East Street, Melvinside Terrace, Maryland St., Saxton St. and Sumner St.
“If you trace a line on a map, they all seem to be related,” said Sexton, who said that the intent of the break-ins seem to have been to steal goods left inside the cars. In one instance, the thief made off with more than $1,400 in valuables, including an Ipod and expensive sunglasses. Other items stolen included a laptop computer and GPS systems.
“We need to remind people that they really need to take those valuables with them— and not leave them in the car,” Sexton said.