Water outage resolved at Lower Mills Apartments

A water line break outside the Lower Mills Apartments left residents in the building without fresh water, toilets or showers for several hours on Tuesday afternoon. Residents say that the rupture happened as work crews dug outside the building at 2262 Dorchester Ave. at approximately 2 p.m. on Aug. 17. Residents had been told that they should expect to be without water for roughly 8 hours, but service was restored around 6 p.m.

"Water was shooting up from the break to the second floor," said Joanne Watson, vice-president of the Lower Mills Apartments Tenant Association told the Reporter. Watson said that water supplies were trucked in from the Mayor's Office to help residents.
Watson said that preparation work is being done around the building as a new management team prepares to take over at the building, which is presently owned and managed by the Boston Housing Authority. That transition, according to Watson, is scheduled to happen at the end of the year.
Workers from the Walsh Construction company were seen working to repair the pipe break. Members of the Boston Fire Department were also at the scene.