Baker proposes that city ‘decentralize’ bus depots, rethink Freeport Street site

District 3 candidate Frank Baker on Friday pushed a proposal to revamp the city’s school bus system, calling for the city officials to “decentralize” bus depots and redevelop the Freeport Street depot for mixed use.

The depot is a 122,709-square foot site that frequently causes traffic congestion. The Baker camp proposed the city take up contracts with smaller bus companies and spread them out across the city in order to allow for faster commutes. Parents and city officials have struggled with buses getting to school on time this year.

“I am not calling for an elimination of buses altogether,” Baker, who has twins who attend the Murphy School, said in a statement. “Our union bus drivers are doing a great job under tough circumstances. I am proposing a fundamental change in the way we think about deploying buses across the neighborhoods from huge bus yards. We need to decentralize these depots, create smaller yards with buses routed closer to their pick-up points and the schools they service.”