DA: Franklin Field murder suspect claims victim 'ran into' knife she was holding

Cherry Clinton, 29, was arraigned today on charges she stabbed Lancelot Reid, 23, to death after he had allegedly assaulted her earlier in the day in her Franklin Field apartment.

Dorchester District Court Judge Kenneth Desmond ordered that Clinton be held without bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the district attorney's office, Clinton told police that Reid had attacked her earlier in the day and that when he returned to her apartment, she grabbed a knife with which to protect herself:

She allegedly stated that Reid "ran into" the knife that she held in her hand. Prosecutors did not buy the argument; in a statement, the DA's office said: "[Assistant DA Ian] Polumbaum said that Clinton's version of events contradicted preliminary evidence, including the apparent force used to plunge a knife blade through several layers of the victim’s clothing and into his heart."