Polish Triangle group offers landlord crackdown plan

Local and city-wide representatives from the Boston Police Department heard an array of complaints and proposals from Polish Triangle residents at Tuesday’s meeting of the McCormack Civic Association. Police Superintendent William Evans was on hand to respond to neighbors and to hear a proposal from the association to crack down on troublesome properties.

The plan, spearheaded by St. Margaret’s area native Bill Trabucco, would punish landlords for 911 calls made to their properties. Called the “2 X’s 7 Law,” the proposal suggests a $100 fine for the homeowner after a second call to an address within a seven-day period. Under Trabucco’s plan, police would determine if the disturbance call is legitimate and homeowners would be able to appeal the fine.

“[Landlords are] leaving their problems for us and that’s a big problem for the city,” Trabucco said.

After hearing the proposal, Evans said there are “some effective tools coming in on this issue,” specifically Mayor Thomas Menino’s executive order issued last month to create a “problem properties task force” to gather and act on information about repeatedly troublesome properties. Evans acknowledged problems with addresses on Roseclair and Boston streets.

“If the landlord’s not responsive, we’re going to go after him with legal sanctions,” and could eventually even seize the home, Evans said.
“To have a tool, especially one that cites the homeowner, will be a good one, but that’s all in [Menino’s] package,” District 2 City Councillor Bill Linehan said in reference to the association’s proposal.

“We’re trying to do exactly what you’re saying,” Evans said. “We recognize what the issue is.”

The meeting also served as an introduction for the community to new Area C-6 Captain John Greland, who recently took over the South Boston-based district after serving in Jamaica Plain. Greland told the crowd gathered at Blessed Mother Teresa Church that he wants to work to solve one of the neighborhood’s recent problems – increased prostitution along Dorchester Ave. between Columbia Road and South Boston.

“We will work on this problem and we will get some results,” Greland said. Later in the meeting, Evans said he has instructed Greland to use whatever resources the district has to solve the prostitution problem.