School-bus driver arrested after allegedly mouthing off to a cop, speeding away

A Boston Public Schools bus driver allegedly called a cop who had pulled him over for making an illegal left turn "a jerk" and then driving away so quickly his bus made "a skidding noise."

Police say a detail officer working near 1165 Massachusetts Avenue pulled over Edwin Depeiza, 63, of Mattapan around 2:15 p.m., allegedly for disregarding three signs saying he could not make a left turn where he wanted to.

Police say Depeiza, whose bus had a student and a bus monitor on board, at first refused to hand over his driver's license. Then, police say, he relented, but took exception to the stop. According to a police statement, "the operator yelled, 'You're a jerk!' After the yelling at the officer, the operator then accelerated and sped off in such a way that the wheels on the bus made a skidding noise.

Police say officers in a cruiser pulled the bus over not long after a couple blocks away at Enterprise Street and Willow Court. This time, police say, Depeiza was arrested, on charges of failing to stop for a police officer and reckless driving.

Depeiza will be arraigned May 17 in South Boston District Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office said.