Second armed robbery reported in Neponset

A teenager was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday night near the intersection of Coffey Street and Newhall Street, according to a Boston Police report obtained by the Reporter. The incident, which took place just after 10 p.m., happened just a block away from the scene of a murder last Sunday night on Nahant Avenue — and not far from an earlier armed robbery on Ashmont Street. Taken together, the incidents have raised alarms about an increased threat to public safety in Neponset.

In the latest incident, an unnamed male victim said he was accosted by a gunman wearing a black Red Sox cap and hooded sweat-shirt, wearing a black bandana over his face, as he walked to his home near the scene of the crime. According to the victim, the gunman came up from behind him and placed a gun to his back. The victim then surrendered his cell phone and the suspect told him to "keep walking and not look back." The suspect was described as a black male, 180 pounds, with a stocky build.

Police are looking at whether Saturday's incident at Newhall and Coffey streets is connected in any way to an Oct. 9 armed robbery near the corner of Ashmont and Train streets, in which a female victim was robbed at gunpoint by two male teens. The Ashmont Street incident was reported just a few hours before a 36 year-old man, Ciaran Conneely, was found shot to death outside his apartment building on Nahant Avenue. No suspects have been identified in any of the incidents.

"Obviously, being in the same area, we'll be looking at any connection, but right now there are differences in the two robberies," said Capt. Richard Sexton, who commands the Area C-11 police district where the crimes have been reported.

Neighbors in the vicinity of the Nahant Avenue murder have been mobilizing in recent days to create a new crime watch. The group intends to convene for this first time this coming Saturday with a potluck event to share food, safety tips and e-mail addresses.

Also this weekend, an Adams Street hair salon near Fields Corner was robbed at gunpoint just after 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. According to the salon owner, a white male wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans and a black mask entered the store, flashed a black handgun, and demanded cash. The gunman, who stood 6 feet tall, fled with an unknown amount of cash and escaped in an older model green Honda, according a police report.