Tito Jackson wins District 7 council seat

Tito Jackson: Now councillor-elect after a big victory tonight.Tito Jackson: Now councillor-elect after a big victory tonight.Dorchester's Tito Jackson, who was the heavy favorite to win the vacant district 7 seat since the day he stepped into the race, is now Councillor-elect Tito Jackson.

Jackson, who most recently worked as Governor Deval Patrick's political director, won a lopsided victory over Cornell Mills today, chalking up a whopping 82 percent of the vote. Less than 3500 people voted in the special election, which was scheduled after the Boston City Council voted to oust former Councillor Chuck Turner, who was convicted of accepting a bribe last year and sentenced to federal prison.

Jackson will most likely have to defend his newly-won seat later this year when city voters return to polls for the biannual municipal election. Tonight, Mills' campaign manager told the Reporter that Mills will mount a challenge to Jackson in the fall.