Two C-11 officers attacked during gun arrest, but they catch their men

Area C-11 community service officers Mike Keaney and Dennis Rorie are best known to the Dorchester public for their presentations at regular crime watch and association meetings. But the two officers also ride the beat on Dot’s streets when they're not on the civic circuit — and last night their combined actions led to the arrest of two young men, one of whom was allegedly packing a loaded handgun.

The incident started around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday near Savin Hill, where Keaney and Rorie were on patrol. The pair noticed two young men acting suspiciously; specifically, the two “split up” as soon as they spotted the C-11 cruiser. That piqued the officers’ interest, according to Captain Richard Sexton— the C-11 commander— since there have been reports of armed robberies in the area in recent weeks, including one last week on Mayfield Street.

The officers approached one of the men near the corner of Dot Ave. and Belfort Street — and conducted a pat frisk that revealed a concealed, silver-colored firearm. As they attempted to take the young man into custody, the second suspect threw himself upon Keaney and Rorie and a violent struggle ensued, in which Keaney (who writes a column on policing for the Reporter) sustained a broken finger.

Both suspects fled the scene —and a manhunt ensued. Captain Sexton said that one suspect was caught after an alert citizen called in a tip that he was hiding under a car on Saxton Street.
The two suspects have been identified as Dave Maloney, 20, of Boston— who faces a slew of charges ranging from illegal weapon possession to assault and battery on a police officer; and John Lewis, 18, of Boston, also charged with assaulting an officer.

Detail cops help nab robbers in Codman Square
A pair of Boston Police officers working a paid detail in Codman Square on Halloween (Monday) nabbed two men who allegedly held up a Metro PCS store on Washington Street. The two armed bandits each brandished firearms during the incident, in which one store employee was bound with duct tape.

The officers’ were quickly alerted to the hold-up and gave chase to the men, who fled on foot down Moultrie Street, according to a BPD account of the incident. Officers quickly found the pair on Kenwood Street, along with a trail of discarded clothing and a shaving bag, in which they found two guns, a roll of duct tape and money. The two suspects were named as Ron Brown, 38, of Boston and Arthur Lynch, 40, of Boston. Both men have been charged with Armed Robbery, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.



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