Council to weigh Savin Hill home’s landmark status

The City Council’s economic development committee will hold a hearing on Thursday, Dec. 12 on the designation of 24 Grampian Way as a landmark. The committee, chaired by District 2 Councillor Bill Linehan, will meet at 1 p.m. inside the council’s chambers.

The Landmarks Commission voted 9-0 last month to designate the Savin Hill home. Mayor Thomas Menino subsequently signed off on the designation.

But the City Council, which can override the designation with a two-thirds vote, according to the commission, could weigh in on the matter before the end of the year. City Council President Stephen Murphy told the Reporter last week that the 13-member council may reject the designation.

The home is associated with George Wright, a former baseball player and businessman, whale oil merchant John Kehew, and industrialist William Prescott Hunt.



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