Pod Life— Could this be the future of transport on Columbia Point?

Could this be the future of public transit in parts of Boston— perhaps even Dorchester's own Columbia Point? How about Blue Hill Avenue?

Moving around town in a solar-powered “pod” that cuts down on congestion, helps the environment and gives you your own space to breathe? Sounds like a storyboard from The Jetsons, but the technology exists and is advancing in other parts of the globe, especially in airports like London’s Heathrow, shown in this YouTube video:

One local outfit thinks Dorchester’s Columbia Point —and its main thoroughfare Mt. Vernon Street- could be the ideal spot to pilot the technology in Boston. South Shore Mobility Inc. will make their pitch to members of the Columbia Point Associates this Thursday morning before taking their presentation to the larger public at a meeting in Mattapan next week.

The Mattapan meeting is set for Thurs., June 27 at 6 p.m. at the branch library at 1350 Blue Hill Ave.