Burke High students make presence known at math challenge

Burke High students shown left to right: Sukari Brown, Tyreik Silva, Omotoyosi Oyedeji, Humphrey Ajike, Arium Rose Wyne and Jodi-Ann Duquesnay.

A team of students from the Jeremiah E. Burke High School’s National Society of Black Engineers Junior (NBSE Jr.) Chapter won second place in the 11th/12th Graders Division of the Try Math-A-Lon competition last week. The competition, held in Hauppauge, NY, helps increase students’ capabilities when preparing for college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT standardized tests.

“It is always wonderful to compete with peers, especially with peers from different states. And, the TMAL competition is a good way to improve on math skills,” said Omotoyosi Oyedeji, one of the Burke High seniors participating in the competition. Part of the TMAL competition is SAT-styled like, which can help prepare students like me for the SAT test math section.”

The TMAL competition consists of three parts where teams earn points that determine which school will represent the region during the national competition in March of next year. The first part of the competition is the Progress Assessment Test (PAT), a 30 minute timed computer-based multiple choice math test. The second part is The Engineering Contest (TEC), where students work together by using mathematics and science to solve a problem. And, the final part of TMAL is the Quiz Bowl, where students compete as a team in a Jeopardy-style format, answering math and science questions.

“Getting students involved with activities related to the engineering design process in a fun way is key to growing the numbers of students interested in entering college majoring in one of the engineering or science disciplines” stated Artis C. Street, the NSBE Jr. Chapter Advisor. “The NSBE organization’s primary mission is the increase the number of Black Engineers who are positive contributors to society.”

This was Burke High School’s first time competing in the TMAL program.

Tyreik Silva, Omotoyosi Oyedeji, Arium Rose Wyne and Humphrey Ajike represented the team for the 11th/12th Graders Division. And although the school will not be representing the region at the national level in Nashville, TN this year, students are already preparing for next year’s competition.

“The Guaranteed A-plus seminar really opened my eyes to strategies that would help me balance my situation between sports and school, making sure I finish my homework and my studying to do well in high school,” stated Elis Perez, one of Burke’s NSBE Jr. sophomore participants at the conference.