Two charged with ambush murder on Havelock Street

Two men were ordered held without bail Monday on charges they gunned down Romeo McCubbin, 25, early Saturday on Havelock Street.

At their arraignment today, Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum accused Omar Denton, 29, and Omar Bonner, 26, of forcing McCubbin out of his car around 1:45 a.m. and ordered him to lie on the ground.

"As he lay there, Bonner shot him multiple times at close range," Polumbaum said. Then, he continued, "Denton kicked the victim in the head as he lay there with bullets in him."

"He was essentially ambushed," Polumbaum said.

A police detective responding to reports of the gunfire spotted their car racing away from the scene, and followed them as they ran two red lights on their way back to Bonner's family's home on Wood Avenue in Hyde Park.

As they exited, police descended and the two tried to flee - after first tossing their guns away. Police caught both - one hiding under a car - and recovered two guns, he said, adding a bullet test fired from the .380-caliber gun Bonner tossed matched the markings of shell casings found at the murder scene.

Polumbaum did not speculate on a motive for the killing. He noted both men were already on probation for illegal weapons possession.

According to the DA's office, Denton pleaded guilty to illegal gun possession in March, 2011 and got a 2 1/2-year jail sentence. This was four years after he was acquitted for a 2004 murder.

Bonner was arrested near the corner of Wood and Farrar avenues on in August, 2010 on a similar charge. He pleaded guilty in April, 2011 and received a two-year jail sentence.

Denton's and Bonner's lawyers did not contest the request to hold the pair without bail. However, Bonner's lawyer, John Tardif, suggested his client was innocent, that his alleged involvement merits closer investigation. Bonner, he said, is in "total and complete shock" that he was charged with murder in his family's driveway. "He was calling for his mother," when police descended, he said.