Shooting erupts in Adams Corner; bullet hits nearby home

The scene on Gallivan Boulevard this afternoon around 5 p.m. Traffic was diverted as State Police searched for ballistic evidence in front of Mt. Washington Bank. The house closest to the scene at 2 Granville St. was hit by a bullet. Photo by Bill Forry

Gunfire erupted at a busy Adams Corner intersection this afternoon when a gunman in one vehicle opened fire on the occupants of a second vehicle around 4:15 p.m. Eyewitness accounts suggest that five rounds were fired in the incident, which left a bullet hole in a nearby home and prompted the shut-down of the eastbound lane of Gallivan Boulevard for more than an hour as State Police canvassed for evidence.

State Police at the scene were investigating whether a gunshot victim, who showed up at Carney Hospital after the shooting, was connected to the Gallivan Boulevard shooting. The victim, one trooper told the Reporter, was not cooperating with investigators.

Home at corner of Granville St. and Gallivan Boulevard struck by bulletHome at corner of Granville St. and Gallivan Boulevard struck by bulletState Rep. Dan Cullinane, who happened to be traveling in a car on Gallivan Boulevard at the time, heard the gunfire and stayed on the scene afterwards as residents from nearby homes came to the intersection to find out what happened. Both cars involved in the shooting fled the scene immediately after the shots were fired.

"People came streaming out of the homes, from the Eire Pub, to see what had happened," said Rep. Cullinane.

Tony Dang, an off-duty MBTA Police officer, heard the gunshots as well and was able to relay a detailed description of the suspect vehicles, including a license plate number to police.

"It happened so quick, but I was able to get the description and get it to 911 right away," said Dang. "As someone who lives here in this neighborhood, we all want to help police catch people involved in this sort of thing and get them off the streets."

Brendan McBride, 34, was not in his apartment when the shooting took place. He came home minutes later to find that State Police wanted to search his home for ballistic evidence after police spotted a bullet hole in the frame of a window that faces Gallivan Boulevard.

"It may be lodged in the window somewhere," said McBride, a native of Northern Ireland who just moved to the corner home this month.

State Police say that the incident remains under investigation.