Absent-minded bandit held up Morrissey convenience store

A gunman held up a Morrissey Boulevard convenience store last Thursday and made good his escape— although his exit was not the smoothest in the annals of Boston crime.

A police report of the Jan. 8 incident says that an unknown man entered the 7/11 store at 790 Morrissey Blvd. just after 1:30 p.m. and produced a black firearm, demanding money from the register. After the suspect grabbed all the cash from the drawer he ran outside to a 4-door, green car parked outside. He then rushed back in when he discovered that he’d left behind an essential personal item: his car keys. They were still on the counter next to the pilfered cash box.

“After retrieving his keys, the suspect was seen fleeing the scene in a green vehicle on Freeport Street towards Morrissey Blvd.,” a BPD report continued. “According to the victim, the suspect is described as a tall black man wearing a black jacket.”

District C-11 detectives are investigating the incident.