Ashmont Nursery teacher Mary Greene to be honored on May 21

Mary Greene, who has been an integral part of the Ashmont Nursery School since 1989, will retire this spring. Greene will be the honoree at the school’s “Under One Sky” auction and fundraiser on May 21 at the Boston Winery.

One of the first family members to participate in the school, Greene’s has served as both a lead teachers and director at Ashmont Nursery, a non-profit, cooperative organization that is run entirely by the parents of the children who attend.

“It is hard to separate where the school begins and where Mary ends because she is the heart of it,” said Marie Zemler Wu, the school’s co-president. “She is retiring, but I feel really confident that the spirit and the values that she embedded into the school will remain. She embodies ANS in so many ways.”

The “Under One Sky” theme for the May 21 event refers to lyrics of a song Greene sang with her students. The celebration will include the launch of the Mary Greene Legacy Fund which will help support the day to day functions of the school’s off-campus fieldtrips and scholarship funds. Greene’s successor, Abbie Wanamaker, will be introduced at the party

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