Car crashes into Mohawk Insurance, two injured

Workers began the clean-up efforts at Mohawk Insurance on Sunday morning. Photo courtesy Doug Hurley

Two people were injured after their car crashed into Mohawk Insurance on Dorchester Avenue late Saturday night, police said. Police responded to the crash site at about 9:40 p.m., according to police spokeswoman Officer Rachel McGuire.

Police said the man and woman who were in the car were both taken to Boston Medical Center, where they were treated for non life-threatening injuries. No one was inside Mohawk Insurance when the crash occurred, and police have not released the identities of the car’s occupants.

The circumstances of the crash at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Mellville Avenue are still under investigation, McGuire said.

Scott Collins, who runs the insurance company, said that he was upstairs when the vehicle struck his business. “The crash shook the whole building,” he said.

“The car went right through the center of the building and crashed into a support beam,” Collins said.

A similar crash into Mohawk Insurance happened 10 years ago at the same location, Collins said. He said earlier crash was caused by a drunk driver. Saturday’s crash caused far more damage than the one a decade ago, as the car went deeper into the building, Collins said.

Responders removed the car from inside the building on Sunday morning, police said.

With the gas and electricity still out, Mohawk Insurance is planning to temporarily relocate for approximately four months, Collins said.



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